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Martina's Beeswax Candles & Other 'Essentials'

Our candles are hand-poured, made of 100% pure, lightly filtered beeswax from Southern Oregon. Our wax has a rich caramel color and smells deliciously sweet.

Prices do not include shipping/handling

6" X 2" Pillar

"Dixie Cups"

5" X 3" Angel

6" X 1.5" pillar


Grandma's Little Angels

Beeswax Essentials

Our 100% beeswax bar, 'turtleback', beehive, and beads are fun little things.  Besides smelling yummy, they have many great uses:

Beehives, 1oz


Beeswax Bar, 1oz


5 for $4.00

25 cents Each 
  • Zipper Glider:  To make your zippers work better, take the bar and rub it up and down the zipper several times. Check it out:  Your zipper will fly like never before.
  • Lubricate your shoelaces, and you'll be the first one out on the track.
  • "Grease" your skis, surf boards, leather bags, and boots. Plus you can use it on your sliding door runners.
  • Polish your furniture with a mix of melted beeswax and a little turpentine.
  • Strengthen and de-tangle beading and sewing threads and cords.
  • Wear the beads as a necklace or bracelet, hang in your car for a pleasant scent, or use as worry beads.


  Whatever you do, don't leave home without one of our 'Essentials' on your travels. Here's what happened to Tina's boots when she went to Africa's Atlas Mountains and forgot her beeswax. 

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