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About Tina
Greetings to everyone:

So that you may know a little bit about me, I am putting a couple of stories I wrote a few years ago on my page. As I can, I will be adding another more stories of my life. Thanks for coming to our website and for reading my stories.

If you'd like to discuss anything I have written here, you can contact me at or at

Blessings to you all, 

       Mar Goodman
       Takilma, Oregon



Step by Step, A Bittersweet Life  is the story of life with my son Ian, who had a brain injury on the Fall Equinox, 1989, when he was 9 weeks old. It begins like this:  "Mothering my younger son, Ian Christopher, has been a call to let go of a dream, yet continue to hold a vision. It has presented me a life that I have come to look upon as bittersweet. I find it interesting that “bittersweet?is the particular word that emerges here, since it has always been my favorite kind of chocolate, both of the opposing qualities being necessary for its perfection." To read the whole story, click here


The Singing Man, A Christmas Story is a story I wrote one Christmas time after taking Ian to town to do a simple chore: mail a package at the post office. Ian is a challenge to travel with or to take into public, especially when you are alone with him. When we went to town on this particular day, I was at a point of my life where I could not take him out easily. It was just too stressful and upsetting to me. But this day was different; I needed to mail that package, and so we went for a ride together and mailed the package. To read this story, click here.

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