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Items from around the World

Some items on this page are one of a kind. Please contact us quickly if you are interested.

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Himalayan sweaters & socks from Nepal!

 img_2753.jpg (6742976 bytes)   img_2784.jpg (5766163 bytes)  (click for larger picture)

Himalayan sweaters are 100% soft yak wool.

Soft cotton lining. Big pockets. Zippers.

They are knitted by hand in a fair trade environment by a family in Nepal Tina met on her travels. Each sweater is knitted by a different family member, and they each have slight imperfections, which make each sweater unique.

Sweaters are $125

Socks are $20

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Items from the Rashaida nomads, 
in Kassala, Sudan

To read Tina's story about the Rashaida people, click here

Antique Bracelet

Unusual Antique Rings
one of a kind
$150 each

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Items from the Berber Tribe in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco




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Shepherd's blanket is
handmade by Berber women from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It is 100% cotton. The patterned bands are traditional motifs of geometric designs reminiscent of women's tattoos and are found throughout Berber art. It could be used as a blanket, wall hanging, or rug. Machine wash in cold water. Only one available at this time.


Baltic Amber 

bulk piece prices to come

naturally shaped smooth amber

Large Piece $125 -- SOLD


     Amber Necklace #1        Amber Necklace #2

            $100                                  $150 -- SOLD


Ancient Arab Tent Material

This lightweight Egyptian cotton is as old as the Arab world. The colors and design have never changed throughout time. They are traditionally used as wedding tents and for other festivities. This fabric can be sseen in the movies Lawrence of Arabia and Popeye the Sailor Man.

Size: about 4' x 5'

$125 per mandala

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Yemeni Jewish Jewelry           Information to come on these pieces. We need to do some research



Dagger from Yemen


"A Yemeni without his Jambia [dagger] is like an Oxford man without his tie."

Click here to read full story


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