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Redwood Pieces, Incense, and other
Oregon Wood Products


Bulk Redwood Pieces

Redwood Beads

The Redwood Tree, Sequoia Sempervirens, is found only in a narrow band along the West Coast of North America. Bring the simple beauty of the ancient forest into your home with a slab of redwood. Our redwood pieces come in many shapes and sizes and will certainly stimulate your artistic imagination. Exercise your creativity. Redwood is durable, is easily worked with both power and hand tools, and takes a gorgeous finish. All of our Redwood is salvaged, so no living trees are damaged. Our pieces are various sizes and each one is unique.  Price:  $5.00/pound Hey look at these beautiful beads. If you are talented with wood, you could get one of our bulk pieces of redwood and make your own beads. Make necklaces or bracelets, as shown above.

If you want to purchase them already made, let us know and we'll send you some.

Handmade in the USA


24" necklace  $26.95 + s/h
30" necklace  $31.95 + s/h
Bracelet         $14.95 + s/h


From the World's Tallest Tree
Redwood Incense

Redwood Incense Sticks or Cones:
price:  $3.95 per package + s/h
each package has 15-16 sticks or cones of redwood incense. 
Handmade in the USA
For ordering information:
No Longer Available

Do you love our Redwood Incense?
You'll probably also love our three new types of incense
from the Oregon forests: 
 Pine, Incense Cedar, and Myrtlewood
No Longer Available




"The Wedge"

This unique piece is approximately 24" wide at bottom and 23" up to the peak;  weighs about 25#

$100 + s/h


Natural burls
from Oregon

$10 each + s/h


Natural Wood sculptures. 

We found this piece on one of our walks. It is absolutely gorgeous. After we cleaned it up, we were amazed at the simple beauty that Nature has carved and left for us to share with you. It is a one-of-a-kind, must-have item.          $50 + s/h


Oak piece hollowed by Nature. You can put a small vase inside it with a favorite flower arrangements  or your favorite dried flowers for long term display in your home, office, or business. Use your imagination. 

$35 + s/h   




Cedar round 5" thick"
Manzanita stand

$150 + s/h   SOLD



3 Legged Manzanita stand. This is how it was found in
nature. Excellent for displays   
approximately 30" high

$75 + s/h


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