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Sugar Pine Cones

9"-19" inches

(23-46 cm)


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Sugar pine cones are the largest of the pine cones and take 2-3 years to mature. Our cones are hand selected in the forests of Southern Oregon.                           

From the forest floor to your home ...


          Variety Pack:  9-13" Sugar Pine Cones
            $25.00 per dozen IN STOCK
               (plus shipping and handling**)
              Availability:       in stock

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           Above 19"" Sugar Pine Cones
                   $30 each
                  (plus shipping/handling**)

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  Sale on 12-14" Sugar Pine Cones
$33 per Dozen
(plus shipping/handling**)
   Not Available

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Our 15-16" sugar pine cones are $12 each
(plus shipping/handling**)
Availability:     Not Available

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We occasionally have 17-19" sugar pine cones
$25 each
(plus shipping/handling**)
Availability:   Not Available

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Things to know about our sugar pine cones

Our sugar pine cones come to you directly from the living forest. They are not treated with anything, dyed, or scented. They often have pitch on them, and sometimes there are pine needles on them. Sometimes there are seeds inside. We do not clean them up, but we ship them to you exactly as we find them, and that is one way we can keep our prices low. We hand-select only clean, undamaged sugar pine cones from the forest.

The sugar pine tree does not produce mature cones every year. The cones take several years to mature, so there are years when we are not able to bring in any fresh cones. When we harvest, we bring the cones into our shed where they can stay dry and clean.

How we measure sugar pine cones: when we measure our cones, we go from the base of the cone to the tip. Any stem which remains on the cone is NOT part of the measurement. Once a cone goes over a given inch, it counts as the next inch up. Example:  We consider a 14.5" sugar pine cone to be a 15" cone.


**Regarding Shipping Charges:  Our sugar pine cones are huge and require large boxes, so shipping charges are high. We calculate shipping charges direct to your zip code. Normally you can choose between Post Office and FedEx delivery, but in Spring, 2013 both our post office and our FedEx office burned. FedEx is not available at this time. We charge only our cost for shipping and handling.**

Yana loves to help bring in the harvest

Sugar Pine Cone Folklore

In the Achumawi origin belief system, Annikadel, the creator, makes one of the 'First People' by intentionally dropping a Sugar Pine seed in a place suitable for growth. One of the descendants in this ancestry is Sugarpine-Cone man, who has a handsome son named Ahsoballache. After Ahsoballache marries the daughter of To'kis the Chipmunk-woman, his grandfather insists that the new couple have a child. To this end, the grandfather breaks open a scale from a Sugar Pine cone, and secretly instructs Ahsoballache to immerse the scale's contents in spring water and hide it inside a covered basket. Ahsoballache performs the tasks that night; at the next dawn, he and his wife discover the infant Edechewe near their bed.**

** This folklore story is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article "Sugar Pine".

Make your own Pine Cone Fire Starters


     A favorite for fireplace lovers. Dribble melted beeswax over your sugar pine cone for a lovely effect. Makes a nice gift, and it smells really good when you build a fire in your fireplace.

     We have "seconds"  available for you to make your own fire starter. The cones have broken petals or other small damage. They are perfect for your fireplace. Cones range in size from 9-14".

     $1.25 each for the cones

     We also have 100% natural, made in the USA beeswax for sale by the pound.  Pollinating crops are almonds, melons, and alfalfa seed. It smells really yummy.   


Make Your Own Pine Cone Bird Feeder

"To make a feeder that the birds will love, you'll need a pine cone, (any type will do), some wire or string (to hang it by), birdseed, and some fat. You can either use suet, peanut butter, or lard. Begin by drilling a small hole in the top of the cone so that you can run the string or wire through it. To make a mixture that will stick to the cone, first you need to melt the fat in a pan. Dip a pastry brush into the melted fat and brush it generously onto the cone.

Dip the cone into birdseed and pat it on, so that the seed sticks to the fat.  You can put quite a bit of seed onto the cone. Next, place the cone in a plastic bag and refrigerate for several hours, which will help to solidify the seed/fat mixture.  Take it outside and hang the feeder on your favorite tree or someplace where you can see it from the house. You won't have to wait long for the birds to find the feeder." 


Our newest Conversation Piece

Pine Cone Jewelry Stand
A sugar pine cone attached to an incense cedar round makes an interesting jewelry display stand and a great conversation piece.




Mar packing pine cones on a cold winter's day

Tina taking a snooze instead of picking cones

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