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Moroccan Baskets

Martina's Moroccan Baskets
are handmade in the villages of Morocco's Atlas Mountains. Our baskets are made from sustainably grown palm leaf, water reed, and wild grasses, which means that they are ready for the outdoors. Not only will they look beautiful amongst your flowers and vegetables, but they are sturdy enough to withstand heavy use and exposure to water.  Plus their great look will make you feel good. 

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Variations in sizes & weave are part of the beauty of the product.

Basket Care:
If treated well, our baskets should last for years. Woven from wild grasses, water reed or palm leaf, and dyed leather, they are sturdy, flexible and strong.
To clean, the entire basket may be submerged in soapy water, scrubbed with a soft brush, rinsed, and set in the sun to dry. Allow the basket to dry thoroughly to prevent mold. You may reshape the basket when wet.
     To clean leather, use a mild leather soap.



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